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Crystal Therapy

Healing and support with crystals at Nurturing with Miranda

Crystal Therapy often also referred to as crystal healing is an ancient technique that has been used for thousands of years and is now more widely recognised as a natural alternative healing practice. Crystals have a subtle electromagnetic field as does our body, meaning energy can be transferred between the two. You can absorb beneficial energies from the crystal and it draws off and absorbs negative and unwanted energy from you, cleansing the environment and your aura.
Crystals have their own energy and can be used in many ways to nurture and support the body. They help us to unlock all the possible potential, to strengthen and uplift, while connecting us to our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. They can also be used to help reduce stress or discomfort, helping us to create balance and wellbeing within body mind and soul.
During a session, different crystals are placed on or around a fully dressed client using crystal grids or patterns, to create deep relaxation and maintain energy balance within the body. On an emotional and spiritual level, crystals can also help improve self-esteem, support clarity, and help create a sense of comfort and peace while connecting deeply to our subconscious mind.
Crystals come in all colours sizes and shapes, each with their own unique energy

Crystal Therapy Sessions

Add Crystal Therapy to your session at Nurturing with Miranda

Soul Retrieval Emotional Release

Crystals come in all colours sizes and shapes, each with their own unique energy

Inner Child

Crystals offer amazing support. Rose quartz especially is good for working with self love and self worth. This image shows rough pieces as well as other stones such as selenite

Past Life Regression

Crystal Healing Properties

Master Crystals

Clear Quartz cluster used as a Master Crystal

Crystal Grids 

Crystal grids are an energetically aligned crystal structure often created with sacred geometric patterns filled with an intention for manifestation. Crystal grids are used to increase the power of the crystals, to cleanse spaces, manifest, or direct healing and relief. It’s important to be clear on your intentions and purpose, choose something simple, positive, and heart felt.

  • Centre Crystal

The centre crystal is generally the largest piece in the grid or the highest vibrational with the surrounding crystals amplifying and complementing the centre crystal’s properties and functions. It serves as an anchor for the Grid’s Energy Torus, acting as an antenna to transmit your intention into the universe. This piece is usually also a Master Crystal with its own additional energetic properties and purpose.

  • Surrounding Crystals

The surrounding crystals traditionally will always have clear quartz points directing energy out from the centre crystal along with an array of other crystals often arranged in geometric patterns around the centre crystal. The crystals are selected depending on the purpose or intent of the grid and what we’re wanting to create, attract or support. We have hundreds of different types of crystals in a range of different colours that we work with including clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, malachite, tiger eye, hematite and citrine, all of which hold their own special energy and power that support and accentuate.

What are Pendulums and how can they help

Crystal pendulums have been used for centuries and are often used to connect with your higher self or inner knowing by asking questions without your conscious mind getting in the way. The way the pendulum swings gives insight  and answers to your questions after first asking it to show you what it looks like for yes and no. They are also used in crystal and energy healing sessions to indicate how the energy is flowing and show if there are any blockages. 

Support your Chakras with Crystal Therapy

If you are willing to explore the world of energy healing with crystals, Nurturing with Miranda is a great place to start. Before your session, we will start with a complimentary consultation asking a series of questions in order to provide an effective solution based on the nature of your concern. You may choose a specific crystal healing session or ask to incorporate crystals into any of Nurturing with Miranda’s other sessions. The session times may vary depending on the type of session, so please allow at least 60-90 minutes if not longer. The process of the Crystal Therapy sessions are quite complex and interactive as we delve deep into your subconscious and higher self. 

With any healing treatment, you may experience an energetic detox in which negative or previously blocked energy leaves the body. With all energy work, after any session your body will continue to move energy around and you may feel continued detox symptoms even days after the session has finished. This is normal and natural as when there has been a blockage within the body, after the blockage is released, so too are stagnant energy and toxins that your body needs to expel. Be sure to drink lots of water and be gentle with yourself.  

If you’re ready to delve deep into your subconscious and harness the vital energies of crystals to support and nurture you, Contact us today. To organise a complimentary consultation to discuss the best session to suit your needs, if you have any further questions or to book your session, connect with us on the contact page or send us an email.