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What is a Peter Hess® Method Sound Massage?

A sound massage is a very gentle multi-sensory massage where you can hear the gentle tones and feel the vibrations of specialized therapeutic grade bowls as they are gently played on and around the dressed body. It is a very nurturing and non-invasive form of massage as you remain fully clothed, promoting and supporting wellness and relaxation within the body. The bowls used have been specifically created and tested to work with different parts of the body and are all multi-tonal rather than being one specific sound or key. The variation of frequencies and tones allows your body to take in what it needs to relax and calm the body and mind.

How long are your sessions?

Sessions are usually around an hour though can often be longer. With every session, I also use my intuition as to what needs doing and will often stay where is needed which means every session will be slightly different. Please always allow extra time both before and after your session. Both longer and shorter sessions can be arranged, please let me know before the session if you have specific time frames in mind or are required to leave by a certain time. Shorter sessions are not usually recommended until after you’ve had 3 or more sessions to get the most out of your session.

How many sessions should I have or do I need?

3 sessions or more are recommended for best results, especially with Sound Massage as the benefits have a flow-on effect with harmonic entrainment of the body. In the first session, you will still relax but you’re more aware and alert to what’s going on. The more sessions you have, the more the body becomes entrained to relax quicker and deeper. I have many clients who have regular weekly and fortnightly sessions as part of their ongoing self-nurturing plan.

What does a group sound meditation involve?

You are gently guided on a meditation journey inward, supported by an array of instruments including the therapeutic quality Peter Hess Singing Bowls and gong, rainstick, and Koshi bells to help relax, rejuvenate and release any tension in your body. You may choose to follow along with the meditation or just take in the gentle sounds and focus on your breathing as you gently drift into a theta state of consciousness where relaxation and healing occur. As I often work with the energetic influences of the moon there will also be extra focus on manifesting at the new moon and releasing at the full moon.

Do you do private group sessions?

Yes, I am more than happy to come to you for a private group sound meditation session. Depending on where you are located there may be a travel fee to cover fuel costs.

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Do you attend events and private functions?

Yes, I have recently done group sound sessions for baby showers in Margaret River and individual sound massages for a Singer Song Writers retreat in Forest Grove as well as doing regular group sound sessions at the Busselton Hospice. I am more than happy to travel.

How far do you travel for your sessions?

Although I am based in Busselton I regularly travel. I have recently travelled to and held sessions from the South West Grief & Loss Centre in Boyanup

How are your bowls different from crystal bowls?

Crystal bowls are one resonance or frequency where as the bowls I use are therapeutic grade multi resonance bowls that are multi tonal and have 3-5 tones that work with specific areas of the body.

Can I use my Tibetan singing bowl from home to do sound massage?

No, unfortunately not all bowls are made the same. The bowls I use have been created using a specific combination of metals coinciding with planetary connections and alignments that have been individually hand crafted and tested to be labelled as therapeutic grade for use on the body. Even with the Peter Hess Method bowls I have, there are specific bowls for use on specific parts of the body.

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