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Bio-energetic balance through frequencies using the Healy at Nurturing with Miranda

As technology continues to advance, there are many ways to make our daily lives simpler and easier, and now there is a simple way for us to attain the therapeutic relaxation we want with the use of frequency. It’s a device that enhances our immunity and strengthens our energetic field from the different energies that surround us.

Healy frequency device is FDA approved micro-current medical device (Made in Germany to the Highest Standards) that provides support in all essential areas of your life with the use of frequencies. It is designed to restore cell voltage to a healthy and stable physiological range, even if you are healthy and have no noticeable physical pain or discomfort. It can calculate and analyse your frequency through a quantum sensor by reading your energetic body (aura), then supply and provide you with unique and precise subtle frequencies to realign your cellular, mental, or energy centres back into bio-energetic balance. It strengthens your health, restores imbalances, and provides energetic support for every cell in your body and all aspects of your life including mental balance, sleep, tension, concentration, aches and pain.

German engineered Healy is a portable healing frequency device

What does Healy do?

Healy Session Benefits

The Healy micro current frequency has a system to relieve and manage pain or discomfort whenever you need it. Your smartphones or tablets serve as a control unit, display, and processor, allowing you to take Healy with you anywhere you go. Electrodes connected to two wrist conductive bands, ear clips or adhesive pads can also be used to quickly attach the device to a specific area of concern or pain. It is considered a wearable, lightweight holistic healing device that helps to regulate your body’s energy field and activate your self-healing ability. This therapy ensures that our body cells are restored and healthy, allowing them to function efficiently and effectively.
Try a distance Healy session from the comfort of your own home

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A new portable and wearable, innovative healing technology is available today at Nurturing with Miranda! You can experience Healy’s effective treatment in person or from the comfort of your home with distance healing. If you have any questions or want to purchase your own Healy, we have so much great information to share with you! Contact us or email us now.