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Numerology Readings

Numerology can help uncover your true potential

“Numbers are the universal language”
Pythagorean Numerology dates back to Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician and philosopher who discovered the numerical relationship between vibration and numbers through music. Viewing numbers in such a way allows us to achieve a greater view of the world and ourselves. This helps us discover the hidden obstacles in our lives, leading us to the breathtaking pinnacles of human accomplishment, and give direction towards how we can help make our lives better.

Numbers have energy and just like your fingerprint or astrological chart, your numerology is unique to you. Everyone has a date of birth that is made up of a set of numbers that when analysed closely, will give a lot of insight. Your name also holds unique energy and meaning as letters also hold a numerical value. Think about nicknames and how you are with your friends, compared with a more formal address of your full name or how you act in professional scenario. The different names hold their own unique energy as they are using an alternate combination of letters. It is amazing how accurate the report is, created based on your date of birth and your name. It provides great insight into your life, your habits, and provides additional direction on your path ahead, including areas you might want to look closely at and work on. Capitalising on this extra insight can allow us to overcome future challenges as we move through life with our eyes wide open, aware of our strengths and weaknesses.
Mysteries and meaning of numbers uncovered in Numerology Readings
The power of numbers and hidden secrets uncovered

Importance of Numerology Readings

  • Find insight and understanding of your personality
  • Understand your life and find balance
  • Uncover your hidden potential
  • Predicts certain events of your life
  • Works to reduce your Karma
  • Identifies your strengths and weaknesses
  • Being mindful of how you see yourself and others
  • Defining your opportunities and challenges
  • Helps to give direction, purpose and meaning in life
  • Spiritual insight

How Does a Numerology Reading Work?

The idea behind numerology is that everything in the universe is made up of energy, which can be translated into numbers. This ancient science uses the numbers to determine an individual’s life purpose, personality characteristics, capabilities, skills, and talents by using the numbers from your date of birth and your name. It helps to unlock the secrets of your own special personality and skills, which is highly useful for professional development and understanding. Numerology also works closely with colour, every number and letter have their own vibration and associated colour, when understood can be used to harness and accentuate what you want to create and to release what no longer serves you. Each Numerology reading is based on your name and date of birth and provides the following detailed information plus more:

  • Ruling Number
  • Day Number
  • Current Year Number
  • Personality Number
  • Pyramids of Maturity

Understanding the meaning behind your date of birth and your name will help you better understand yourself. You’ll learn how to recognise cycles in your life, what they mean, and how to deal with them. If you have any questions regarding Pythagorean Numerology or would like to organise your own personalised report, please contact Nurturing with Miranda today via email or through the contact page.