Nurturing With Miranda

Have you felt a little more emotional or even lethargic lately? Tomorrow at 11.31am (WA time) the Scorpio Super Full Moon will be at its fullest. The moon symbolises emotions which swell at the time of a full moon (let alone a SUPER full moon like this one) and this moon may look up to 14% larger and 30% brighter as the moon is at her closest closest point to earth in her monthly orbit.

The super full moon in Scorpio is a super intense sign working with the shadow side of our lives with the key energies being passionate, volatile, deep and communicative. It is inviting us to look at areas we would prefer to avoid or even think of as taboo and work with releasing any darkness or grudges we may be holding onto, bringing them to the surface. Is there someone or a situation that you’ve been angry at for too long that you need to forgive and release? Forgiveness doesn’t mean we condone a wrong action, bad behaviour or forget what has happened, but it does mean we allow ourselves to let go of the pain, suffering or grudge we’ve been holding onto so we can move forward and let go. Grudges and resentment are like swallowing poison and expecting the other person to die. The only person that is affected is you. Now is the time to forgive, release and let go xxx


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