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Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing that has been used for centuries, originating from Japan. The word Reiki is made up of two separate kanji, “Rei” which means universal and “Ki” which is spirit, energy, or life force. It is considered to be a system of alternative healing support that complements all other forms of medical treatment or therapeutic practice. Reiki has an innate intelligence, which means that it is an energy/vibration that has an awareness of its own. It’s safe and non-invasive while helping people to recover and become energetically balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Reiki Healing Experience

At the start of your Reiki session, we will ask you some questions and discuss your treatment plan. Let us know if you have any problems you’d like to be treated or if there are areas in your body, you’d like to focus on before being directed to lie down on the massage table.
Reiki energy healing can be hands on or hands off and is a great way to support your body's healing process
Reiki healing is a type of massage that can be either hands on or off the body


Reiki can be hands on or hands off depending on your preference. We generally work with a combination of the two, but more hands on and around the body, starting from your head down to your feet. Heat can be felt emanating from the practitioner’s palms while the energy flows through the client’s energetic field, activating the body’s innate powers of healing. Regardless of where the hands are positioned on or around the body to assist in healing, Reiki works because it directs and focuses the universal life force energy to where treatment is most needed in the body to release blockages and speed up recovery. The session may last about 45 minutes to an hour (or longer by request or in combination with another modality), and if you continue to use Reiki, your experiences and relaxation can become deeper.

3 Stages of Reiki Therapy

  • Clearing blockages of stagnant, dense or excess energy and releasing toxins from the physical body and aura.
  • Restoring and balancing the energy within by infusing vital life force energy
  • Strengthen and protect your wellbeing – preventative

Additional Reiki Sessions

Reiki healing is a beautiful gentle way to support your bodies self healing with Nurturing with Miranda
Reiki healing is a beautiful gentle way to support your bodies self healing with Nurturing with Miranda

Benefits of Receiving a Reiki treatment

How do I explain what Reiki is to other people?

When we are first starting out on our journey with Reiki, it can be quite challenging to explain what Reiki is to other people. The best analogy we’ve found is to consider the body as a battery that needs to be recharged. If our energy is not properly balanced, it can easily be influenced, affected, depleted or drained by everything around us. From the food we consume, the amount of water we drink, the toxins we add into our bodies or are exposed to from our environment, stress we get from our work or our relationships, how much sleep we have and it can even be affected during different phases of the lunar cycle. We know when we are full of energy compared to when we feel ‘flat’ so having a Reiki treatment is like plugging your battery into a power source to be recharged.
As a Reiki practitioner, we serve as a conduit for the body to access extra energy, to top up and recharge. We do NOT do the healing. We simply access and direct the energy we bring in from the ethos to the client, and their own body/spirit determines where the extra energy is most required. Whether you need to reduce stress and relieve discomfort, speed up recovery, or remove toxins from your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, Reiki is such a beautiful and gentle way to assist your body, just what you need.

How do I learn Reiki?

If you are interested in learning how to connect with and become trained in the art of Reiki, you must go through a series of 3 different levels of training and attunement with a Reiki master to gain qualifications. This training practice opens energetic pathways to the universal life force, allowing you to become a vessel to connect and guide Reiki energy where it is needed. You must allow some time in between each level as this gives you time to develop your skills, practice what you have learned and gain experience. If you feel you would like to invest in yourself for one, two or all three levels of attunement and training, would like to perform Reiki on yourself, your furbabies , plants, family and friends, or would like to simply enjoy a session for yourself, we can make that dream a reality. Nurturing with Miranda are only a phone call away, so please contact us today! We would be honoured to assist you on your Reiki Journey!

Reiki is a form of hands on healing that is beneficial for people, plants and animals alike
Before and after a Reiki session
Everything is connected
Hands on Healing at Nurturing with Miranda
Energy, frequency and vibration makes up the universe. When you understand this life becomes harmonious
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