Nurturing With Miranda

Sound Meditation
(Sound Bath)

Nurturing with Miranda Group Sound Meditation (Sound Bath)

If you’re looking for a way to switch off your busy mind and not quite sure about a one on one session, why not try a group Sound Meditation for something a little different? Sound Meditation is also often referred to as a Sound Bath and although it is not an actual bath with water, you are ‘bathed’ or surrounded by gentle ambient sounds. When your mind is always on and active it can cause stress, anxiety and mental fog which then often turns into tension and tightness in the body. Sound meditation and mindfulness are a great way to help switch the brain off as it brings your focus and attention back to your body and your breath. This allows you to relax deeper, venturing further into a theta state where profound healing and growth can occur.

Sound Meditation is your Integrative Medicine

Each individual instrument or element within a sound meditation such as the Singing Bowls or Gong adds to the intimate ambience within the session. They all generate their own unique frequency and tone that vibrates throughout your body, helping to gently guide you to a meditative and restorative state.

To start your session, you will setup your spot to lie on the floor, on a yoga mat, pad, blankets, pillows, or anything that helps you to be comfortable. You may also be seated if you are unable to lie on the floor. You will be gently guided on a meditation journey using Singing Bowls, Fen Gong, Rain stick, and Koshi Chimes to help you relax your body and mind to release any stress or tension. Each healing meditation session with Nurturing with Miranda is always slightly different. There are frequently unique themes or areas of focus, such as working with the new moon for manifesting and the full moon for releasing with most sessions being around 60 minutes. From time to time there will also be other specific themes or areas of focus and healing such as working with the Chakras.

Consider These Things Before Your Sound Bath Sessions

Try to arrive 10-15 minutes before your session to set up your space, and settle in with a calm and relaxed mind. Always come with an open mind, whatever you feel, let your emotions flow and let it all go. Some people find meditation challenging, but the multi-sensory aspect of sound meditation where you can both hear and feel the vibrations while being gently guided at the start of the session has great results.
Sound baths area a fantastic way to relax our mind and body, but it can often take a bit of time to really settle in since our minds are always active. To further improve the therapeutic benefits, it is often helpful for each participant to set a particular positive intention for what you would like to receive or how you would like to feel from the session. Whatever is happening within your life at any moment in time, if you ever feel yourself drifting back into your thoughts of worry or stress, bringing your focus and attention back to the present moment, being mindful of your body and how it feels by noticing your breath will allow you to relax deeper.

We invite you to attend one of our Group Sound Meditation classes along with your friends and family. Allow yourself to be truly present and enjoy the soothing sounds and guided meditation to improve your overall wellbeing. There are regular monthly sessions in Busselton and nearby locations, but we can also come to you for your own personal group session. If you have a birthday coming up, baby shower, hen’s party, special event or even just a great excuse to get together with a group of friends or family, we can create a special session just for you. Check out the calendar, join the mailing list or follow Nurturing with Miranda on Facebook or Instagram to keep informed of our upcoming events. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to organise your own personal session from the comfort of your own home. We look forward to our nurturing sound journey together.